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Thermodynamic Water Heating

The Energie thermodynamic water heating system provides hot water 24 hours a day/365 days a year, day and night regardless of whether it is raining, windy, sunny or even snowing!

How does it work?

The Thermodynamic Solar panel (roof or wall mounted) collects heat from the outside environment very much like a fridge in reverse. The panels contain a cooling liquid refrigerant which gains in temperature as it passes through this closed circuit. As the liquid gains in heat it is transferred to an exchanger and with the help of a small compressor heats the water to a temperature of 55 degrees celsius. The liquid cools down and the process starts again.  The system has an outside cylinder condenser and the cooling liquid never comes into contact with water. The system is almost maintenance free. The only energy required to run the system is the electricity needed to run the super efficient compressor ( approximately 0.39kw per day).

There are 2 options the ECO and the SOLAR BOX which retrofits to your existing cylinder and works on the same principle with the Thermodynamic Solar Panel Collector. For further information please refer to

Energie Ecotherm


Energie Solarbox

Solar Box