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Battery Storage

Adding battery storage to your existing system allows you to maximise your solar PV electricity usage. There are solutions for every household subject to your current solar PV array, allowing you to use your stored electricity at high-demand periods or at night.

Battery storage reduces your reliance on the grid and makes you even more self-sufficient. It can reduce your energy cost and demand from  suppliers. Smarter Green Energy Ltd is  manufacturer accredited to install Solax, , Growatt and Sofar battery storage.

Air to Air Heating

Air to Air heat pumps pass low temperature heat from the outside into a refrigerant which is then compressed to a high temperature. The heat generated is turned into warm air which is distributed into the property by the indoor unit. It can also act as an air cooler in the summer months. 

Air to Air also has air filters and a flash streamer, which neutralise and decompose odours, allergens and bacteria. This is particularly beneficial to Asthma and Hay fever sufferers or anyone with chest conditions.

Air to Air is cost effective to run in comparison to Oil, LPG & Night Storage heating. Ideal for Living Rooms, Bedrooms, Conservatories & Offices.

Air to Air can also be run for very little or no cost when combined with Solar PV and/or battery storage systems


If you have solar PV and a hot water cylinder with an immersion element, then the Immersun T1060 is the system for you. The Immersun monitors the excess electricity that would normally be sent back to the grid, prevents that from happening and diverts the unused electricity to the immersion element in your hot water cylinder.

Immersun only uses the excess unused electricity and will only draw from the grid when you tell it to. There are many benefits in using this product, which include saving on gas, oil or LPG for water heating. This also means less wear-and-tear on your existing boiler, as well as helping to manage your electrical consumption to help you maintain as much independence from the grid as possible.

Herschel Far Infrared Heaters

Far infrared is radiated heat; it is the same heat we feel from the environment warmed by the sun. It is 100% safe and all-natural. (It is UV that is harmful, not infrared!)

Far infrared heating works on the basis of long-wave infrared, which, instead of heating air, directly and gently heats objects, the thermal mass of the building and people. Traditional heating, the kind provided by the likes of radiators and storage heaters, focuses on employing convection heaters to heat large volumes of air, which retains heat poorly. Herschel infrared heating could save between 30-60% on annual energy usage.

Herschel Infrared Heating

Our panels are ultra slimline with large surface areas specially designed for heating rooms. They can be ceiling- or wall-mounted with a number of designs being available in the market today including standard white, glass, mirrors and even bespoke pictures. They can be fitted in all ages and construction types of property.

Smarter Green Energy Ltd is an accredited Herschel installer. For more information, please refer to