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Please read the following testimonials received from customers of Smarter Green Energy Ltd in the Cornwall, Devon and Somerset regions of England:

I write to say how delighted I am with my new Herschel Infrared Heaters installed October. The installers were polite, quiet, clean and friendly. What little mess they did make was cleaned up before they left the house.

Herschel are easy to operate and can be switched on any time they are needed between pre-programmed hours. The mirror heater in the bathroom makes the room look twice the size and keeps the room nice and cosy!

Overall I am pleased with both the Herschel and the workmanship. I would be happy to recommend both Smarter Green Energy and the Herschel system. 

A proper job in all!!

– R Tregunna

Good morning Tim! The batteries are working very efficiently. After we spoke on Tuesday when I mentioned that the batteries had achieved 64% capacity, Wednesday, Thursday and today have been even better at 100%, 100% and 89% (so far) respectively!

What’s more is that the batteries provided us with electricity until 22.49 on Tuesday, but Wednesday’s and Thursday’s 100% lasted until 06.05 and 07.50 respectively on the following mornings. We are very happy with the system and the installation was neat and efficient. Kind regards!

– Mr and Mrs Treves

…Regarding the PV+ system you recently installed for me at Greenview, the additional equipment fitted has certainly made a difference to my tariff return from Southern Electric. Looking at the statements received from them over the last six months, I calculate an extra 12% return on income, which is justification for the initial outlay.

Thanks for the information you quoted on our first meeting, which has proved to be factual. And many thanks for the efficient and tidy work by your electrician regarding the installation.

– Les Brown

Having a 2.7 kW solar PV system installed in 2011, we wanted to make sure we were still getting the best from our solar PV. The original installers are no longer trading, so we contacted a local company, Smarter Green Energy Ltd. Tim visited us and explained that we were exporting substantial energy back to the grid, which could be better used by us. We opted for an upgrade to our inverter and a SolaX inverter hybrid with attached battery storage was installed in August 2016.

Our system now provides us with power for the home, but now any excess goes to our battery storage unit. This is used when our house demand is higher than the PV output or in the evening when our panels are not working. Smarter Green Energy was excellent throughout and the site visit and installation process. The follow-up made the whole process a stress-free evolution.

– Mr and Mrs Rawding

Hi Tim! Just thought that you would like to know how our first full week of electricity and generation readings looked. Some bright sunshine has helped but our generation is running well above pre-PV+ figures. We are using virtually all of the generated power and our off-grid consumption has dropped significantly.

The Immersun is now heating our water nicely from the excess electricity from the Solar PV as well.

Looking at the increased FIT income and decreased electricity costs, I calculate that the power cost us all of £1.10 last week! (Pre-PV+ would have been upwards of £10.) So, as the summer goes on, we expect to happily be in credit! Thanks again for a great service and a great installation!

– Mr and Mrs Nardi